Let's talk about Pansexuality

So, I've been debating about whether to do this post for a while, but as a person that was never introduced to the term 'pansexual' until I was about 19, I thought, why not? It should be spoken about more. I am in no way an expert, I'm just going to talk about what it means to me, a lot of this post is going to be my personal opinions and is in no way representative of every single person who identifies as a Pansexual.

Well first things first, Pansexuality does not mean you are attracted to pans, the common kitchen utensil.

 Let's talk about what Pansexuality actually means. 'Pan' is greek for 'all' and it basically means that a pansexual is someone who has the ability to be attracted to all genders. While it is similar to Bisexuality, there are obviously big differences, 'bi' means two and so in general, Bisexuality means you are attracted to men and women. Pansexuals, can be essentially be attracted to anyone, whether that individual identifies as a cis gendered person (the gender you were assigned at birth), a transexual man or woman, someone who is gender fluid, someone who is androgynous and the list goes on. I would like to point out though, that like with anyone sexuality, as a pansexual you still have your preferences and what you personally find attractive. It just means your open to more I guess. Some people would describe it as being gender blind, which I would say is pretty accurate. Basically, if you're attracted to someone, gender isn't really something that comes into it.

Like I said, I was introduced to the term when I was about 19 by my best pal and when he explained what it was, it was almost like something clicked. I had felt for a long time, that the term 'straight' just wasn't quite right. I don't know, I think I have always thought that regardless of who a person was, if I fell in love with them or was attracted to them, it would really matter 'what' they were but in all honesty, I sort of thought that's how everyone felt. I have been brought up by my Mum and her partner - my wonderful step-mother. When I was seven years old and in year 3, my Mum and Dad split up. My Mum, little brother and I lived on our own for a while until, through a mutual friend she met Sara. They were practically inseparable from the moment they spoke to each other and by the age of eight, we had already moved into her house in a lovely little village. I had always known about them but I think Mum, understandably, found it hard to formally tell me. One night (pre move in) we stayed at Sara's and a parcel of flowers and a little love bug arrived, Mum tried to intercept it but I already knew who it was from and Sara confirmed it. Mum, who was a little shocked to say the least, bundled my brother and I into the car and took us back to ours. Mum says she remembers me saying that 'I don't mind, as long as she was happy, I was'. From then on, we lived as an open little family and by the time I finished Primary School, Mum and Sara got married (civil partnership). I think I have always been brought up with the impression (I say impression, as I know that not everyone does feel that way, which I know, I'm just talking very personally) that anyone has the ability to love anyone which probably contributes to why I thought everyone felt the same as I did.

Anyway, like I said, we all have our preferences and what we want. Plus, there are differences in the Pansexual community too. Some don't believe in gender at all, only using pronouns such as 'they', instead of 'he' and 'she'. Obviously that's fine and dandy, but that isn't what I personally believe in. I believe I'm a woman, just as I believe anyone is whatever they choose to identify as. Also, I want this to be as honest as possible and to demonstrate how I personally feel. So, with that in mind, I would say, personally, I am more attracted to men - whether they're cis gendered or transgender. However, I am also attracted to women, but again it's strange. I think I am attracted to more androgynous ladies but also, I can be visually attracted to incredibly feminine women as well and the people in between and as explained, it goes without saying, I could easily be attracted to someone who doesn't identify as any gender at all. Simply put: I have things I'm personally more 'partial' to, but I am open to people who don't necessarily fit that.  I think I may be blabbering a bit, so in summary and to reemphasize, pansexuality is inclusive of all genders and in my opinion, they could be attracted to anyone. 

I hope that makes sense to you all, I just wanted to do a little post on this, as I think it is good to talk about. I know it's a very different kind of post for me, but if you've liked it and if you want me to do anymore similar to this, I'd be happy to. It just might not be from my personal experience that's all.

If you want anymore information, there are plenty of great sources and other peoples stories who can probably explain things in a different way to me, giving you a new slant. Here are some youtube and website links:

Thanks for reading guys!

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