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Hello there everyone,

So today I thought I would do a little post on perfume and 3 of my favourites. These 3 are ones that have been purchased by or for me, over and over again. I absolutely love them. Perfumes are really great and just because they simply smell good. They are so personal. It's interesting to see what smells people really love or what people really hate. Plus, scents can evoke so many memories, whether it's of a time or of a person.

Jimmy Choo - I adore this perfume and think I always will. I remember the first time I ever smelt it, I was on a shopping trip with my Auntie, I think it was around my 16th birthday. I had a little spray of it after a spritzer lady kindly offered me some, then went about my day. For hours after, it was all we could smell, we kept catching little whiffs, each time as good as the first. We knew we had to have it. Ever since, she and I have always loved it and always make sure that I have a bottle in stock. It smells amazing and I think, without sounding incredibly cringey, it smells quite glamorous almost. It just feels really good when I wear it.

Lola by Marc Jacobs - This was a solid favourite for my when I was a bit younger. It's a really lovely day scent I think, as it's very light and floral. Plus, the packaging is just amazing. Anyway, this Christmas I was asked what I would like and decided I really wanted to come back to this old favourite and I'm so glad I did, it makes an excellent addition to my collection and I will most definitely be repurchasing it again.

Fame by Lady Gaga - I really have not been one for celebrity scents (other than Curious by Britney Spears, which was a staple for young Lucy). However, when I first heard about this perfume, it had always intrigued me. The packaging is great, but I just loved that the liquid was black but came out clear on the skin. Anyway, about 2 years ago my best friend and I went shopping and had a smell. It smelt amazing and the rest, is history. I think this is my fourth or fifth bottle, I really love it. I could and have worn it during the day, but I think it's really great evening/night out scent. Everytime I smell it, that's what it reminds me of. Getting ready for a night out and the fab, yet slightly hazy memories of what follows.

What are your favourite perfumes?


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