Weight Watchers Wednesday #1

Hi everyone,

A bit of a different post for me today! As you'll know if you have read my 2015 goals, I really want to shift some weight this year. As I explained before, my weight has crept up and up and I just haven't stopped it. While I have tried many different diets and lost weight, then put it back on, I've never stuck with it. Weight loss can be so tough and I am not the most disciplined young gal. I have tried Weight Watchers before, but I never really did it properly. A few weeks ago, I decided to go for it and join up. So last week, I signed up for a monthly pass and attending my first meeting on the Monday.

I went for my first weigh in this Monday and I lost 4lb which I am super happy with. I have to say, it has been so easy, which is amazing. I just wish I'd done it properly sooner. If you join up with the monthly pass you get access to not only the meetings, but the website and the app on your phone. The meetings are great for obvious reasons but the online sources are brilliant. You can track your food, get some great recipes, chat to people, join groups and even write a little blog! The phone app is such a helpful little thing, you can track your food on the go. You can search for all sorts. It makes life so much easier!

I not only ate out this week but went out on a night a drank what I wanted. I just accounted it for it with my points and ate sensibly, which meant I still lost weight. YAY! The meetings are really good for me too, as like I said, I'm not very disciplined. If I get weighed at home, I feel like I have no one to answer to at all. So when I do really well for a while and the slip up, it is so easy for me to shrug the whole thing off. However, when I go to get weighed with someone else, I feel like I have more to prove.

Anyway, I thought 'Weight Watchers Wednesday' could be a time when I upload posts on trying out new recipes (which I figure could still be good for those of you fab people who aren't dieting right now or those that aren't on Weight Watchers), maybe some tips and tricks and progress.

Let me know your thoughts,


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