New Found Love

Hey everyone,

So I was in town (Leeds City Centre) which is home to a Kiko Cosmetics. I, foolishly, have never been in. What an error that was on my part. When I walked in, I was surprised by not only the range of products they have in, but their affordable price. Even better for me, they had a sale on when I went in! I believe the total for my five purchases was around £13.60 (I lost the receipt) but what a complete bargain!

I bought:

Smart Lipstick in 208 - (link here)
Double Glam Eyeliner in 109 - (Not available on their website)
Nail Polish in 327 - (link here)
Color Up Long Lasting Eye Shadow in 20 - (link here)
Smart Lip Pencil in 708 - (link here)

Here are some swatches for you.

 From left to right:
Double Glam Eye Liner 'Agate Violet', 'Peacock Green' and then the Color Up Eye Shadow Crayon

From left to right:
Smart Lip Pencil and Smart Lipstick

These products really feel amazing, which really shocks me as they are so affordable. The eye liner and lip liner really glides on, there is no tug at all. Plus, the colour pay off of all the products is really brilliant. So pigmented! Plus, the staying power of the Color Up Long Lasting Eye Shadow is unbelievable. After trying it out on my hand in store, when I went to wash it off, it really was not budging at all. So, I think this will be perfect for a night out!

Speak soon 


  1. I really need to give Kiko a shot, you managed to pick up some great bargains :) The Smart lip pencil and lipstick look gorgeous :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. Yeah you should, the quality is fab! I know, I really did manage to grab some great things, such a bargain hunter. Everything in there is such a good price!

      Love Lucy x