Fortunate Friday! #4

Hello guys,

Well firstly, happy new year! 

It's that time of the week again to talk about the stuff that made me happy this week which I took photo evidence of!

1. The most obvious picture is from New Year's Eve! I had such a fab night, it was so much fun! 

2. Emma and I were playing with make up! I said I'd do hers, as she doesn't use eye shadows that much and it looked brill. Then she did mine which was funny - I look super chic, no? 

3. I'm really pleased with how long my hair is growing! I do love having long hair and having it ombréd is one of the best decisions I've ever made, it's so hassle free.

I hope you've all had a brilliant week and have a lot to be happy about for the upcoming week, I'm so excited for this week as Jord, Emma and I are going to Manchester for his birthday this weekend.

Lots of love,

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