Butter London 'Double Take Ice Duo' Nail Varnish Set

Hi Everyone,

After wanting to try Butter London Nail Varnishes for so long, I decided to take the plunge and buy the 'Double Take Ice Duo' which consists of a gorgeous blue and a sparkly top coat which I am always a big fan of. I love me some glitter.

I love 'Blue Coat', I think it applies beautifully and the colour is gorgeous. I love that it has a few different shades in it, particularly when it catches the light.

Unfortunately, 'Leccy' which has so much promise, is so disappointing. The application is terrible. Hardly an glitter comes out and the formula is so thick you cannot add any more than 2 layers. It's such a shame, as the glitter is beautiful. It just doesn't come out nicely at all. I would have been so annoyed if I had paid full price.

Have you tried Butter London?

Speak soon guys

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