Healthy Breakfast Idea One

In my 'Time To Get My Bearings Back' post, which you can read here, I explained that I am trying to get healthy. So I thought, I would start doing some posts on meal ideas because not only will it maybe give you guys a helping hand but will also help keep me motivated. As that can be something I can really struggle with, that and making constant excuses! I am the oh so typical 'I'll start on Monday' girl. Anyone else the same?

One brilliant little breakfast is porridge. Not only is it great on it's own anyway, but you can also add lots of lovely bits to make it even better for you!

Porridge is fab for these colder mornings as it is so lovely and warm. Am I the only one who thinks breakfasts like oatmeal or teas (or dinner for you southerners) like soups are just super comforting?! Anyway, porridge is great for appetite control, strong bones, muscle recovery and of course, because oats are complex carbs they are great for slow burning energy.

I tend to use the Quaker Oats, 'Oat So Simple' packets because they are super easy! I don't have to think about measuring the milk and the oats. Plus, they come in so many different flavours which are so yummy! All of which you can find here. I think they ALL sound delicious! As you can see, I also like to use light soy milk. Since I became a vegetarian I decided I didn't really want to drink milk either really, although to be fair, I haven't cut out all dairy so that isn't totally for moral reasons. It is just a great healthy alternative, far better than you for normal milk. Plus, it's been so long now, I cannot imagine drinking cow's milk, I think I would hate it! Also, I have included my Tangled sippy beaker, because it is important to have a good glass of water with your meal!

I also like to add a few bits and bobs to my porridge like fruit and a Linseed mix. Blueberries are fantastic for you, they are a great source of vitamins and fibre, plus they do help you lose weight too. The particular Linseed mix I use is from Aldi, would you believe?! Holland & Barrett offers many things like this but this is such a cheap alternative. Linseed (or Flaxseed) are high in anti oxidants and just two teaspoons will give you all your fibre and omega 3 intake. Plus, I also put a spoonful on chia seeds too. Chia seeds are just unreal, the benefits are phenomenal for the small amount you need, if you want to read about them more, please click here.

Anyway, I hope you like this post and it's help motivate you a little! If you have any suggestion, please leave a comment below, I love hearing new ideas.

Until next time, lots of love!


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