"Not So" Everyday Skin Care! (with my little thoughts on the products)

Hello again guys!

As I said in my previous post, I am going to write about some products that I don't use daily but are still a big part of my skin care routine. However, if you do want to read what I use everyday, you will find it here.

The first product I will is actually more of a tool. My good friend bought me the No. 7 cleansing brush for my birthday and I love it. I use this once of twice a week to really exfoliate my skin. It has two speed settings, which is helpful. I do tend to use the lower setting though, as I think it's better to be a bit gentler one your face. I tend to use a hot flannel beforehand, to open up all my pores, the I massage in a bit of a cleanser and begin to use the brush. My skin feels so soft afterwards. I'll then usually go on to use a face mask, which will lead me on to my next post. 

(If you're interested, you can buy the brush from Boots in store or online, here. They retail for £24.95 and the heads retail for £8.00. Although, it does come with one brush head and a battery.)

Next up is my trusty face mask. I hadn't used it for a while, but I popped back into Lush and re-bought the Mask Of Magnaminty. It really is the best mask I have every used. You pop it on your face and you can feel it get to work straight away. Plus it is incredibly affordable and unusually for Lush masks, it doesn't need to go in the fridge. Perfect if you're living with other people such as myself, with limited space. If you would like a more detailed review of this, please feel free to read a post I wrote a while a ago here.

(If you're interested, you can buy the mask from Lush in store or online, here. It retails for £5.50 for 125g or £9.75 for 315g)

Another product I like to use isn't really spoken about on the internet. I bought it on a bit of whim, it was on offer and I just thought, okay, let's give this a try. The Garnier Pure Active Oil Control Exfo-Brusher Wash is actually a pretty decent product. I have combination skin and my problem areas are definitely my chin and nose. The brush has 2 different textures, one with the intention to exfoliate and the other to remove excess sebum. I think it performs both of these tasks brilliantly. Another handy feature is you can twist the brush head to control the amount of the face wash actually used. I use this once or twice a week. One reason being to control the oil and the other to 'keep my skin on it's toes' as it were. Your skin, like many other things, can become accustomed to the products you use, so it's good to change things up every now and again.

(If you're interested, you can buy the wash from Boots in store or online, here. It retails for £7.65)

Lastly, was a product I was using every day for a while and it is fab! I just decided that I wanted to move on to the cleanser/toner method again for while. However, I do still use this product probably a fair bit throughout the week and it is the brill, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It is perfect for those days when you just cannot be bothered to take off your make up with a full routine, tell me I'm not the only one, right?! It sweeps all your make up with ease, including pesky mascara and eye liner. It is also so refreshing. I sometimes like to use if I'm applying make up on a night before going out or something and I've been having a make up free day, just to get off excess dust etc and give it a bit of a fresh feel.

(If you're interested, you can buy the Cleansing Water from Boots in store or online, here. It retails for £4.99)

So, that's everything I'm using at the moment. Thanks for reading guys, 
much love as always! xx

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