The Results Are In...

Hi guys,

At the end of January I did a post on the Superdrug Facial Sheets and I thought it was about time I did a little update on my thoughts. 

As you can see I purchased the Purifying, the Calming and the Deep Cleansing Mask.

The masks feel really good quality and they are super strong. They are also very, very moist which is great. There's plenty to soak into your skin while it is on and to rub into your skin afterwards. 

My skin isn't sensitive, but they really tingle when they're on. That might bother some people, however, it is something that I really like. It makes me think it's actually doing something.

Another major plus, is that they are so simple to use. It is a case of opening the packet, unfolding the mask and fixing it on your face. No mess, no fuss.

My skin feels amazing after I've used them and I do think it looks brighter and healthier. I shall definitely be repurchasing them again and am hopeful to try the other ones too. I think there are one or two more?

Also, who can deny how fetching they look on?

What are your go to masks?

Love Lucy 


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    1. Yeah they're great, be sure to try them out.

      Thank you, be sure to follow on bloglovin' to stay up to date! :)

      Love Lucy x