French Beauty Picks

Hey everyone,

I thought today I would show you what I got beauty wise from France. I went to a Pharmacie and of course Sephora.

I have finally got my hands on Bioderma. As this to me, is the original Micellar Water, I have always wanted to try it. I got this double pack for €19.95. Then, after hearing a lot about Caudalie, I decided to get their Grape Water, which was around €11.95 I think. I have actually used this already and it is so refreshing! I know you can get it here at for £10.00.

I then popped to Sephora and picked up a few bits. I have been desperate to try the Beauty Blender, so I decided to pick up two, while they were there. They're not super easy to get here as far as I'm aware, so I thought I might as well get more than one. They were €16.90 each. Then I grabbed the Sephora Kiss Balm in Number 3. The shape was very similar to my precious EOS balm, which I love. So I thought I'd try this, as I like that it is tinted. Then, last minute, I picked up the Mud Mask which was near the till. That retailed for €13.95.

Anyway, I shall be sure to let you know how I get along with it all!

Love Lucy 


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