My Favourite Apps Right Now

Hey guys,

I don't know about you, but my iPhone is such a big part of my life. Which I do think sounds quite sad, ahh well. It just amazes me what you can achieve from a hand sized device, it's amazing. You can order shopping, watch movies, read the news, connect to so many people and even control you're TV.

So, I thought today I would do a post on my go to apps right now. 

1. UP - This app connects to my UP24 Band. It lets me know my movement, sleep and sets me my goals. I love it.

2. Weight Watchers Mobile - This allows me to track my food and work out my points. It is great to use on the go.

3. Instagram - I love going through my feed and finding new accounts to follow. I'm particularly liking @makeupvideoss, @homepolish and @cats_of_instagram. If you know any good accounts, please let me know. If you would like to follow me, my username is @Lucy_3.

4. Twitter - Another app that I love. Twitter is great I think because one tweet could be so meaningless and trivial and the next can be something really powerful. Again, if you want to follow, you'll find me at @Lucy_Johns.

5. TSB & Barclays - I think having mobile banking is such a revelation. It is so helpful to be able to check you balance and make payments on the go.

6. Spotify - I adore Spotify. Fortunately, I am a student, so I Premium half price. Meaning for £4.99 a month I get no ads and offline playlists. I love it.

7. Bloglovin' - I think this is a solid favourite for bloggers. It is great to catch up with blogs on the go if you have a spare few moments. Be sure to follow me, by clicking here.

8. Youtube - I don't know about you, but Youtube tends to be the last thing I go on before I go to sleep. I love winding down, watching videos.

9. Buzzfeed - This app keeps me up to date with the important and not so important stuff, I like that I can open it and find out more about serious issue or I can do a quiz to see what Princess Diaries character I would be. I got Helen. Don't judge.

10. Trivia Crack - I am loving this game at the moment. It is such a good way to test your general knowledge and more importantly, compete against your pals!

So there you have it, my top ten apps.

If you know any great apps, please let me know. I'm always on the hunt for new ones.

Love Lucy

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