Everyday Skin Care! (with my little thoughts on the products)

Hi Everyone!

So once again I'm going to do a post on my skin care routine, I'm going to try and keep this blog post short and sweet but I am going to throw in my thoughts on the products too, so you might be here a little while. Why not grab a cuppa?

Skin Care is very important to me and I'm getting to a point now where it is second nature to pick up my cleanser etc at the end of the day (I did used to be very lazy with it, only really doing it if I could be bothered or if my skin was going through a particularly bad phase). However, I cannot stress the importance enough. Looking after your skin has so many beneficial factors, the obvious being it prevents wrinkles and fingers crossed, keeps pimples at bay! Moreover though, I think it's nice to take 5 minutes to yourself at the end of the day or when you get back from school/work/uni. I sometimes feel like taking my make up off is almost symbolic of washing the day away so I can be properly relaxed at home. I also think, maintaining a good routine that works for you is a good way of seeing how your body is doing. If you're getting bad skin but keeping up with your routine, there may be another issue such as hydration, your hormones or diet. I think it a nice little way to stay in tune.

My current cleanser and toner combo I'm using is from the L'Oreal Skin Perfection range and I love them! I really fancied trying something new, as previously I had been using the Soap & Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser. I decided I wanted to go back to the two step cleanse and tone as opposed to get everything off in one. Plus, there is always the added bonus I can do it from my bed!

The Cleansing & Perfecting Milk is so smooth and creamy. It has such a lovely consistency and scent. I often find cleansing milks can be so thick, which can make me feel like I'm just clogging up my pores more but that is not the case with this at all. It removes my make up brilliantly and if I'm not wearing make up that day, it suitably gets rid of all the bits of dirt my face my have collected during the day. Am I the only one that gets a gross little satisfaction seeing all the grime a cleaner has successfully got off?

After I have thoroughly cleansed my skin, I pop some of the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Velvety-Soft Toner onto a cotton pad and gently go over my face. I LOVE this toner. When it says 'velvety' it really means it! I feel like I'm wiping the most moisturizing liquid onto my face. I honestly don't even feel it's that necessary to use a moisturizer (but I still do). I was so impressed with this product. I like toners, they are so refreshing, but I have never buzzed about one as much as I have this. It feels beyond luxurious! I also want to add I adore the packaging too, I think the bottles are really quite expensive looking. 

They are both a steal at boots at the moment, for an amazing £2.66 down from £3.99. If you're interested, pop into your local store or click here. I believe they also do a micellar water too, so if you have tried that, let me know what you think in the comments.

I use the two L'Oreal products with these Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Oval Pads. I wouldn't usually mention these, but I felt I must. I'm just not a fan, which is such a shame. I had such high hopes! The pads have two textures, one more suited to cleansers and creamy products and the other for more liquid based items such as toners and nail polish remover. I do quite like the latter texture, although it's still nothing to do a song and dance about. It's the cleanser textured side I really dislike. It's just very fluffy and comes away easily, which I do not like, particularly for my face. So, from now on, I'll ditch the fad and just use the normal ones. Although, one thing I love about these is the size!

As for moisturisers, I am a big fan of Nivea. I think they just get it so right, they do the job so well and for so little. 

In the morning, I use the Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream. I only cleanse and tone my skin on a night. I remember reading on a night when you cleanse and tone your not only stripping your face of all the toxins from the day but also all its essential oils. However, during the night, you're giving it time to build up again but if you do a big wash again, it's undoing all your skins hard work. Instead, use water or if your skin is very oily, use a mild sensitive soap. I think that has always stuck with me. So now, I use this after I've splashed my face with water in the morning and because it's oil free so my skin feels good.

Then on a night time, I used the Regenerating Night Cream, which is lovely and thick but not overly heavy which I like. It has a nice balance. My skin does feel lovely after I use it and I don't feel like my pores are blocked at all. A lovely little night cream!

Well guys, that's your lot for today. However, in the next few days I will be doing a post on my other go to skin care products that I don't use everyday! Thanks for reading and as always, lots of love to you all.


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