Mask Of Magnaminty Review

So, a few weeks ago I decided I would pop into Lush. I'd had a pretty unsuccessful shopping trip and I decided it would be a good option to perhaps splash some cash in there. Not too much, I am a student after all, but a little more than I would normally. To be honest, I love Lush, their products are lovely but while I appreciate positivity, I do find there staff to be a little overwhelming. The minute I step foot in one of their stores I find myself being hounded by the workers and while some people may like help with their decisions, I am far more of a solitary shopper. I enjoy looking at their products old and new, without disruption, not worrying about anything else other than what particular moisturiser will be good for my skin or what bath bomb I'll be in the mood for. So yeah this trip was a slight rarity for me, but one that will be bumped up to a far more common occurrence after my most recent visit. 

Now onto the product, as well as a few other bits, I picked up a face mask. They always intrigue me, looking almost edible displayed in the crushed ice, but I've never been totally swayed to purchase one. Regardless of what I've previously said, after gently telling a sales assistant I was just browsing, he came over again a little later when I was looking inquisitively at the selection and begun to give me some advice. I am so glad he did.

I've used this mask a few times now as I wanted to use give it a proper go before I reported back. This mask is honestly one of the best I have ever used. I said to the assistant that I wanted a mask that would last longer than a month and that I didn't need to keep in the fridge, as being a student I one, don't have the funds to buy a new mask every month and two, I don't want to be too inconsiderate to my flat mates leaving pots of products in the fridge, not that I think they'd even mind really. I digress. He recommended to me the 'Mask Of Magnaminty' that would last around three months, has more product in it and so is better value for money. The mask has a thick, green consistency with some grains in, which although intended as an exfoliant, I wouldn't say that is an area this actually excelled. Once applied (I like to do this with a brush - less mess) the mask begins to make your face tingle, this may be painful for some but I would hope not too much. It's just the peppermint oil used, it creates this reaction and is nothing for you too worry about. 

After a rather messy removal, the effects of this mask are amazing. After one use alone, my skin was softer, it looked almost glowing and instantly healthier. The second and third use was no exception to this either. In addition, if I have an some sort of blemish, before bed after cleansing, I apply a bit of this on the area. I then clean it off after around fifteen minutes. The next morning the results are incredible. The blemish is always almost gone and looks a damn sight than the night before. So, in addition the mask, it's also an effective spot treatment. Two for the price of one! 

You can also use this amazing little thing as a back/body mask too. However, that isn't something that appeals to me too much. It retails for £4.95 for 125g and 315g for £8.75. If you're an avid Lush user, you'll realise that the 125g is not only a pound cheaper than the other standard pot but also contains 50g more! So this is just a win win, great skin, more product. I would argue this product is better for oiler skin, certainly not dry or sensitive. I myself have normal/oily. My chin and nose are the worst and they are the areas that are the most likely to have the odd spot, which my good friend Mr Magnaminty will do his best to tackle.

Anywho, so while I may have started with reservations about Lush, I shall start using it a lot more. At the end of the day, their morals are great and their products are fab and if that means having to withstand some perhaps overly enthusiastic staff then so be it. Plus who knows, the may be able to help me massively, just like my Mr Lush Man did! Plus I do love that they put little stickers on their items, to tell me who made them and when, so cute! 

Lots of love guys!

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