Something very close to my heart...

I cannot believe I haven't done a post on this subject yet and it has been a long time coming. Today's post is going to be more of a chat and that chat is going to be about...

Disney was a huge part of my childhood that I regretfully left behind for a few years, although I always knew I liked Disney, it was never something I thought about a lot. I think a big factor of that for me was that I believe Disney was losing it's magic. That the classics were a classic for a reason and that the new films could simply not compete. How wrong I was...

If you loved Disney when you were a child, like I did, but you have your reservations about the new films then bite the bullet and watch a few, you will not regret it. Since coming to Uni, I have made friends that never lost their faith in Disney and thank god I've met them. If I hadn't, it's very unlikely that I'd be sat here writing this.

I truly think Disney is magical. I'm 19 but watching their films they make me feel like a little girl again, naive to the world, believing love conquers all, good will always win over evil and that there is always a happy ending. In the current world we're in, were the media are constantly showing us what a scary place we live in, I find it so refreshing that for an hour and a half, I can be totally lost in a world of talking animals, fun songs and happiness. 

Everything about Disney to me is perfection. They just always get it so right. Everything they seem to do is so clever, imaginative and creative. Take the newest addition to the Disney family for example, 'Wreck It Ralph'....

The thought and care that has gone into this wonderful film is just amazing. The story is set in an arcade and one thing that really stood out to me was their method of transport. The characters can leave their games to go see each other etc. However, they do this by exiting through the wire that provides electric, then the big white power adapter acts as station for the characters much like to Grand Central in New York. 

I cannot praise Disney enough, they've provided me with so many memories, so many in fact that I could sit for hours telling you about them. Although, I realize that may not be very interesting for you, so I'll just talk about one in particular: Pocahontas. 

That smiley little girl in the picture above is me with my favorite doll, Pocahontas  It was Christmas Day and she'd been bought this fetching two piece outfit. I quite literally had every single size figurine of her and the rest of the characters, from Polly Pocket to Barbie size. I had the pjs, the necklaces, the cups, the plates, the tops, the trousers, the bedding. If it was something Pocahontas, chances are I had it. I have watched the film endless amount of times, listened to the soundtrack on tape in the back of Mum's car even more times and I still think it was one of the best films I have ever seen. The music is beautiful as is the story, each time I watch it I cannot fail to be moved. In addition  the film is very sentimental for me, not only due to how much I loved it as a child but it was a definite bond between my Mother and I. So I think the emotion I feel when watching does have an element of that in it too.

Now, I know I've talked about the films a lot in this post, but something that is definitely worth a mention are the 'shorts' that they do, both alone and with Pixar. They to me, although they are a lot shorter than the movies obviously, are in some cases, just as good. Again, I find them so thoughtful and lovely. In particular the ones that have been made with Pixar. However, when I went to watch 'Wreck It Ralph' which is just a Disney picture, they showed a short called Paperman and I think it's definitely one of my favorites by quite a lot. I'd love to show you them on here, but it would seem that the links I keep putting are taken down sooner or later, so I urge you to type it into youtube and see if you can find it. It is brilliant.

And then, comes the last part of Disney I'm going to chatter about... Disney Land. I am still yet to go which makes me want to cry a little. However, I have a plan. My friend and I have decided that we will go dependent on our degree level. If we get 1st's we'll be going to America, any lower, we'll go to Paris. I cannot wait, I am just so excited it's unreal! Plus, I've also looked into taking a gap year to work there between Uni and whatever I do next as I think that would be such an amazing experience especially for a fan girl like me. Until then, I will just have to make do with the Disney stores, which to me is by no means settling for now. The Disney Shop for me is like being a sweet tooth in a candy shop, just fabulous.

I could talk about Disney all day long, about the magic and love they provide to both children and adults. When my day isn't going well, I know I can pick a movie from my shelf and know it will make me feel better. When my day is going well, I know I can pick a movie from my shelf and know that day will get even better. I cannot sing their praises enough and believe me, I really do not want to even stop writing this post as I'm aware most readers may have already stopped reading by now as it is. But I've had fun writing it and I guess that's what having a blog is all about. You shouldn't write with the intention of getting as many followers as possible but write about what you love, in the hope that others do too.

So what's you favorite thing about Disney? Tell me in the comments bellow if you want to.

Love to you all


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