'What's in my bag?'

I love watching these on youtube, so I thought I'd blog mine :-)

This is my bag, it is as you can see a faux leather, black satchel from H&M. I got it around 4/5 months ago so doubt it will still be available. On the side you will see a little 'Radley' phone holder, this just flips round into my bag so my iphone is easy to find and unlikely to get damaged. The don't seem to be selling any at the moment but they are selling a really sweet iphone case which can be found here.. http://www.radley.co.uk/Product/85660_Carnaby__Work___Travel.aspx

So in my bag I found the following things:

Daisy Headband - Primark £1 - On Sale For 50p

Company Magazine 'High St. Edit - WhSmiths - £3.99

'Juliet, Naked' by Nick Hornby - Oxfam Books - £2.49 (RRP £7.99)

Camera + Case - Hitachi + Golla - Around £70 + £4.99

Bobby Pins - Primark - £1

Brush - Boyes - £1

Purse - Radley - Around £55/£60

Sanex Roll On Deodorant - Tesco - £1

'Glam-a-lot' - Soap & Glory - Was in a 3 pack for about £8.50

'NO - GERMS' Hand Foam Sanitiser - Co-op - Around £2 (I usually buy from Savers as cheaper but I forgot it so y'know, desperate times.)

Ipod touch - It's not a new gen so price and place is irrelevant.

Hope you enjoyed, ask and request anything.


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