So, I'm back...

Hi guys, 

How are you all? I hope you have had a brilliant New year and Christmas. It's been over 3 months since my last post. Yikes. I am sorry, that is shameful and thank you for those who have stuck around. I have been very busy, as some of you will know, I graduated in July and have obviously followed in the footsteps of many and began the job hunt. In late July and late August, I interviewed for the role of a support worker at a non-profit agency. Thankfully, I got the job and I love it. I work with individuals with complex needs and I absolutely love it. However, it can be very demanding on your time and emotions. It can be both physically and mentally demanding and it is a 24 hour role based around shift work. This can mean that some days I am waking up at 5.30am and am not getting home until 10pm or better yet, sometimes I will be staying there and doing a sleep in. So, while I have been getting used to this, my blog has taken a massive back seat, as have a fair few things in my life. However, slowly but surely, I feel that things are starting become a lot more regular Plus work are finally bringing rolling rota's, which is fab as people like me will know a little bit more where we are day to day. 

So I hope you understand why I have needed a break but hopefully this is the start of more consistent blogging again! I've added a few snaps to this post because no one likes a wordy no picture post, but I haven't got a vast amount as they're just a few from my phone, which is new so that explains it/

lots of love,

L x

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