The Picture Cafe in Bingham, Nottingham

So, last week, I went to see my lovely Auntie and we went out for some lunch at this gorgeous little place and I couldn't help but take some snaps, unfortunately these were from my iPhone, so please excuse the quality. The cafe is beautiful, showcase lots of local photographs/artwork that you can buy. All their produce is super fresh and their menu is very varied which is excellent for vegetarians like me. I had a tasty goats cheese and roasted pepper panini with a perfect little side salad, which looked so amazing, I gobbled it up so quickly without even thinking of the photo op! Anyway, enjoy the photos and if you're ever in the area, I highly recommend it and I'm sure they also have a spot in Grantham too which is usually a stop between the north and London on the train if you ever want to take a little detour.

As you can see, it is such a quirky and lovely little place. I loved the mismatched chairs, cute little tea cosys and home made cakes. They also do events each month such as wine tasting and tapas taster evenings. If you'd like to know more please click here to visit their website.



  1. I love the interior, it looks so cute and quirky in there! The food sounds so yummy as well.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I know, it was really lovely, highly recommend if you're ever in the area!