Barry M's Speedy Quick Dry 'Lap of Honour'

I love this Nail Varnish.

If you, like me, hate waiting around for varnish to dry, this is the product for you. I cannot stand sitting around and waiting, inevitably catching my nail and smudging my handiwork. This really is so much quicker to dry than normal nail varnish, which I was originally skeptical about. 

I love the colour I chose, a gorgeous light greyish purple. There are a fair few other lovely shades too, so I'd urge you to go have a look. I just cannot wait for them to bring out more.

The formula is really good and I love the shape of the brush. I have very small nails, which means the shape of the brush means that I can just glide on a few strokes and bam, one nail done.

Have you tried any varnishes from this range? What are your favourite shades?


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