How To Make Your Room Cosy

Hey everyone,

Ooooh we are getting so close to Christmas and I cannot wait! I thought I'd do a little post on how to make your room a little more cosy and warm feeling. I love decorating the house but I think sometimes people forget about their rooms and I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time in mine, so I like it to be full of festive cheer.

So the main part of your room is your bed usually, so I would start with some christmasy bedding and throw pillows. I got my duvet set from Primark for £16.00 and I also got my pillows from there too. The blue patterned one I believe was £3 and the red stag pillow was £5 (my black and white pillow, which I know isn't xmasy, was from Ikea for about £12).  However, if you can't afford the duvet set, as I know it was a little extravagant, they do some amazing and super soft blankets for as little as £3!

Then you could put up some fairy lights, I've put mine around my bed which you can just see on this picture here. I think fairy lights are a brilliant way of making your room seem cosy. There's just something about them. Again, I actually bought mine from Primark for £5, for 100 clear lights.

Fairy lights don't just have to be festive either. Here is a picture of them in my room in early November. Granted I have some xmas pillows there too, but just ignore them, I'm an early starter! I think (if you take them away) it looks really cute, without it being overtly christmasy!

Another inexpensive idea, is to hang little baubles or tinsel up! I've got some tinsel with some soft snowball and robin decorations hanging on my windowsill, but if you didn't want to go down the festive route, you can get some more 'styleish' ones like this little bird from Paperchase. I love his colours and they way he reflects the lights.

And finally, an all year round way of making your room super welcoming (and smelling pretty sweet too) CANDLES! I adore candles and have 8 burning in my room right now. The great thing about candles is the set a really nice tone with the light the provide but they smell awesome too. I think when it comes to candles. you shouldn't scrimp and you pay for what you get with scent payoff. Although, I think there are great bargains to be had, keep yours eyes peeled for the cheap branded ones in TK Max and Home Sense. They even do woodwick candles sometimes, which are my favourite brand ever! You can also keep your eye on Yankee Candle's Fragrance of the Month, which I believe is 25% off! One the other hand, tea lights etc are very inexpensive and you can get lovely, cheap holders which make a room look fab!

My favourite candle at the moment is Cranberry Ice by Yankee and it seems amazing. I urge you to go and have a sniff. I don't tend to like super sweet smells, but this one strikes the balance just right!

I hope I have given you a few ideas or tips and that you're enjoying the festive season, lots of love!


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