Fortunate Friday! #2

Hey guys,

I've decided I'm going to layout my whole 'fortunate friday' posts by putting up a few pictures that I've taken during the week that make me feel happy and above all, fortunate!

1. Last Friday, I went ice skating with two of my most favourite people. I had so much fun and it felt like a really festive thing to do! Other than falling over once, I would say the evening was a big success!

2. On Saturday, I went to my Auntie's to have a little xmas day, with her, my other Auntie, Cousin and then my Mum, Step Mum and little Brother. I had a really brill time and was thoroughly spoilt rotten!

3. On the Monday, I went to a meeting held by a charity called Tenfold which works with learning disability charities in Leeds. It was nice to meet people and have more of an insight into some of the work the charities do. Plus, I got that super cute cup cake!

4. Me and the bestie went to do a food shop, but had a look in a few charity shops and I happened to find this disney mug with Marie on from Aristocats for 99p! Such a bargain.

So they're a few things I feel fortunate for this Friday!

Lucy x

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