Birmingham Haul..

Hello everyone, how're you?
A few days a go I went to one of my favourite shopping cities, Birmingham. I thought I'd share with you what I got as I think I got a fair few good little bits and indeed found some brilliant bargains.

Forever 21

F/21 were doing a sale which of course was fab news, the next great news was it was buy one get one free, but the icing on the cake that each of these beautiful necklaces were 99p, so this all cost me the grand total £1.98.


Well, I as of now, I am no longer an Illamasqua virgin. I was having a little nosey at their products and fell in love with this beautiful lipstick in the shade 'Scandal'. I love it so far, do you have any items from this brand? Any to recommend? (P.S I think this was £15)


In boots, Loreal had a buy one get one half price deal on and I am starting to run low on the normal 'Telescopic' mascara, so I thought I'd take advantage. This time though I though I thought I'd buy the 'False Lash Telescopic', plus I read on a blog (but I cannot for the life of me remember whos, I'm so sorry!) that the 'Infallible' foundation in the shade Porcelain was good for the pale community, which I am the Queen of! (Foundation: £12.29, Mascara £5.58 with deal)


(forgot to put this in the main picture, this is also a freebie!)

I was in the Bull Ring heading towards Topshop and in the window of Debenhams I spotted one of the free gift offers, I am a total sucker for them! I purchased the Beauty Flash Balm that retailed for £28 and you had to buy another item to qualify for the offer so my Auntie bought the Beauty Flash Eye Cream which was also £28. Then I got all the freebies you can see above including the bag that is folded in this picture.


My Auntie and I purchased 3 nail varnishes that came in a set, I kept the lilac colour (Parma Violet) and the goldy/bronze (Crystal Clouds) and she kept a glittery one called Ice Crush, they were £13, if you'd like to see the other click here.

I then purchased a pair of brogues for £10 down from £32, a woolly headband which was £1 down from £12 and the little horse ring which was £1.50 down from £7.50. I also got 10% off with student discount.


It's not often I go into TK MAXX really, but they really do have some fab deals. Firstly, I bought this shampoo and leave in conditioner from the 'Love Peace & The Planet' range by Tigi. Originally they were £9.99 each, but I got them for £3.99 which I was happy with. However, I really wanted some boots and spotted these little leather beauties (the picture does NOT do them justice) which were only in my size and the greatest thing - they're French Connection which when in season retailed for £110, I on the other hand got them for £29.99, yayayayay, happy Lucy!


For the journey home I decided to purchase some CD's, as you can see they were 2 for £10.

Hope you liked, comment and follow.
Lots of love

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