Beauty Review - "L'oreal Sublime Mousse"

Mousse hair dying kits have been all the rage within the DIY permanent home hair colouring kits, so I decided to try it out for myself. The adverts make it look so easy, 'like shampooing' they all claim, but is it quite as they say? Well, one large bonus of this product and I am assuming the others too, (John Freida, nice'n'easy) is that it really is a no mess application, I hate the feeling when using home kits is that I know after I will be cleaning the sink, bath and wall trying to get the dye off, but this was a refreshing and welcomed change. The next great thing is that it easy to apply, it may feel like you aren't getting all the areas at first but the more you massage into you scalp the greater coverage you feel you're are achieving. The step-by-step guide is also very easy to follow if you are a first time dyer. The colour itself is great, it has spread evenly just as it states it does, so all in all - I'd really recommend it. One thing that you should be weary of though is, I found that the T.V advertisements made out it was a very thick, white foam - I did not really experience this, yes it was a foam however it was cream colour then purpley, plus i found it sunk straight into my hair almost instantly. So it doesn't just sit on top of your hair as they make you think it does.

I used the colour 'Intense Hot Brown' - which is a darkish brown with a red tint to it. You can purchase this product from all good supermarkets and drug stores which at the moment (20th Feb) are at an introductory price of around £5.00 or in reduced beauty shops like Savers in which it costs around £4.80ish, but should stay at that price which is good. If you'd like any additional information visit the website:

Hope this helps, comment and thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you dear :) It's a pity that in Italy this color is not available...

  2. no problem, aww that is a shame. Is there no way it can be delivered from their site?:(