Excited much?

Hey there,

How're you? I know we haven't spoken in a week or so, I truly am sorry. However I do have some very exciting news to share about a recent purchase of mine.....

First clue: Office Bag..

(apologies for my stupid face)

Second clue: Jeffrey Campbell Box... have you guessed yet?

(also sorry for the poor picture quality, I didn't have long)

Third Clue: I have a very beautiful Lita in my hand..

Yes, I am now a proud owner of a pair of Taupe Suede  Jeffrey Campbell Litas and guess what? They were only £60! 

Earlier this week I went into Leeds with my Dad and I don't know what made me look before hand, it must of been the work of designer shoe God's, but I had a little look on the Office website at the Litas and was gobsmacked to see that there were Lita's on sale! They a fair few as well such as blue suede and leopard print (which I loved) and then spotted these ones, I decided if I were to get a pair I would get them as the are quite a neutral colour that can be worn with most things. Anyway, they only had a size 5 & 7, I am a size 6, so was very sad to see this. Although, I was prepared to buy 7's but wear thick socks.

We arrived in Leeds and I asked if we could pop into Office to see if they were in there, although I very much doubted it as if JC's were on sale, I figured they would fly off the shelves. When I got in, it them came to my attention they weren't on sale at all! Long story short, I asked if they had a pair in a size 6, tried them on, fell in love, enquired about the sale been non-existent in the shop and they gave me them for £60 instead of £120! So as you can imagine I was very pleased.

If you'd like to look online, click here to see the leopard pair and then from that page, I'm sure you can find the others... Yummy Boots Link.

Here is a little picture of how they look on..

Lots of love to you all

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