My Skin Routine Along With Mini Reviews

(Soap & Glory Catch A Wrinkle In Time Moisturiser, Soap & Glory Clear Here Moisture Lotion, Nivea Daily Essentials 2in1 Cleanser & Toner, Tesco Cleansing Wipes, Garnier Simply Essentials Eye Make Up Remover, Cotton Pads - mine are tesco's own)

Hello all, 

Thought I would share with all you lovely people what I do to my face everyday to keep it in relatively good nick. The names of all the products and links are above as you have probably seen, so read on if your interested in finding out how I use them and what I think of them. 

Step 1: I remove eye make up using a cotton pad and Garnier Simply Essentials Eye Make Up Remover. I'm obviously going to be honest with my thoughts as I obviously don't want to deceive you or encourage you to buy something I don't completely believe in. This product is ok, nothing more, nothing less. It does the job, it gets my make up off but you do have to scrub and pull a fair bit which is annoying. It's not awful or anything, I just don't think wow, this is brilliant or 'soothing' as it claims it is.  However, I really don't like to waste things so it will do for now.

Step 2: I remove my face make up with Tesco Cleansing Wipes. I don't use these to remove all my make up, just to sort of remove the majority so I don't spend a lot of money on them at all. I like these wipes, I find they are actually quite soothing on my skin, they remove a fair bit of make up, they smell nice and they cost as little as 99p.

Step 3: I apply a generous layer of Nivea Daily Essentials 2in1 Cleanser + Toner and then rub of with Tesco Cotton Pads. I personally am quite lazy on a night, so the fact that this is two in one makes me very happy indeedy. It removes the rest of my make up that my trusty tesco wipes couldn't quite manage and leaves my skin feeling lovely. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who cannot be bothered with all the cleansing and toning woes at night. 

Step 4: I moisturise. At the moment I'm currently between Soap & Glory Catch A Wrinkle In Time Moisturiser and Soap & Glory Clear Here Moisture Lotion.  I really like both of these products, in fact I love all Soap & Glory products, I think they are high quality and are relatively cheap. I know I'm only 18 so I don't need Anti-Wrinkle products but I feel prevention is better than cure, I usually use Catch A Wrinkle In Time in the morning before make up application. Clear Here is supposed to reduce pore size and perfect skin, including a 'Blot-A-Lot Complex". I use this mostly on nights as it's really soothing, but I do swap them sometimes as it's very nice to use before foundation. 

I also forgot to include this in my picture, but every morning I wash my face in the shower with Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It. I cannot recommend this item enough, it's absolutely amazing, it has a really good texture, smells good and makes your face feel so refreshed and clean. It also doubles up as a face mask, wowza. 

(picture from, as I forgot to include it in my picture, foolish Lucy)

In addition to these steps, I also use other products during the week such as masks and eggs (yes eggs, they make an "eggcelent" facial - see what I did there?) So if you would like me to do a post on that, let me know and I will. 

Lots of love :)


  1. I've become obsessed with my daily skin routine lately, and it's so interesting to see other peoples! I do a very similar routine, but with different branded products.

    I've yet to try Soap and Glory's facial products, I might have to look into them!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. Yeah, i think it's really interesting too. At the moment I'm really trying to give my skin a detox, I'm not wearing any foundation and am doing 3/4 different little treatments a week, be them little DIY jobbies or actual products.

      I cannot recommend S&G face products enough, in addition to the ones I've mentioned in this post I also use the thermal face scrub and the hot cloth cleanser too. To be honest, I'm just a big Soap & Glory Junkie, I use their shampoo, conditioners, shower gel, scrubs, sprays and just about anything else you can think of. The only thing I personally was not impressed with was their face wipes, for a whopping £4-£5 for 25, I was hoping for great things and I just found them really dry, boo.

      Thank you so much for commenting :) xxxx